Primed for future development

The ability of a community to accommodate investment and growth is not always constant. In many cities across Canada and the world, development constraints can impair a company’s ability to succeed.

Cornwall has planned for the future with excess capacity in its water, wastewater and landfill facilities. Local road, electrical, and telecommunication networks have been developed to meet today’s needs as well as those of tomorrow.

Electricity is often a significant cost factor for many companies, and one that is directly related to production. Cornwall has historically enjoyed very competitve electrical costs , providing a very stable and flexible source of power. Also, in recent years, conservation and environmental efforts have helped Cornwall companies become more energy efficient.

One factor that is becoming increasingly important to companies is access to advanced telecommunication services. As markets expand globally, business communications have likewise expanded, and today those efforts include voice, fax and data transmissions. Click on the following link for more information:

Cornwall’s commitment to investment in infrastructure will continue to provide a stable business environment, free of development constraints, for many years to come.

50 Years of Supplying Power

The R.H. Saunders Power Dam has been supplying power to Ontario customers for 50 years, and in the last 20 years we have invested over $140 million in the facility to maintain its high level of reliability. To recognize our ongoing commitment to Cornwall, we will be establishing a major public information centre at the Dam to showcase the full significance that hydroelectricity, Saunders and Cornwall have played in Ontario's power supply network. Read more.

Linda Halliday

Linda Halliday

Ontario Power Generation