Tracy-Lynn Chisholm

Visual Artists in Cornwall Ontario

To say that Cornwall and region is an undiscovered hotbed of artistic activity would not necessarily be a stretch of the imagination. Dozens of talented artists and photographers call the area home; here are some of the more well-known:

Jason McNamara - Framed PhotographyJason McNamara

Jason McNamara burst on the scene a couple of years ago and quickly established himself as a photographer with a knack for producing images that evoke a powerful and emotional response. His work has been featured in Cornwall Living magazine, and has captured a wide range of people in the area including musicians, professional boxers, and models.

Tracy-Lynn ChisholmTracy-Lynn Chisholm

Tracy-Lynn is a versatile artist perhaps best known for her whimsical acrylic paintings that depict a wide variety of themes. She started Serenity Studios in Cornwall as a haven for local artists, and has become an active ambassador for the City. Tracy-Lynn has participated in the One of a Kind show in Toronto.

Bobby LefebvreBobby Lefebvre

Bobby Lefebvre is an experienced photographer who has earned a sterling reputation for excellence in sports photography. His subjects have ranged from professional athletes to children playing house league, and all of his images capture the passion and love of sport. He has also covered several concerts in the area, shooting stars such as Alice Cooper and Gordon Lightfoot.

Emily MacLeodEmily MacLeod

Emily MacLeod's paintings recognize the preciousness of small things and the ordinary miracles she sees around her every day. Her artwork is a stimulus, calling us to see the beauty of each thing, to increase our awareness of the world not only as it is, but as it could be, would be, or should be if observed closely enough and with that goal in mind.

Candice NixonCandice Nixon

Candice Nixon is a versatile artist comfortable in a variety of mediums, including glass art, decorative painting and illustration. As a child, drawing and painting came naturally to her. She enrolled in art classes, beginning her formal training. She often uses recycled antique windows to create unique stained glass art that has to be seen to be appreciated. In 2004, she started Melting Pot Studio in Cornwall.

Anne WylemansAnne Wylemans

The colourful beauty of nature has always been an inspiration to Anne Wylemans. Her favourite place to create is outdoors around her flowerbeds and trees, from early spring until Autumn when the foliage changes colour. She often works with a palette knife on canvas using acrylic paint in the vibrant colours that nature gives us. The rich texture it gives to the painting makes you want to touch it.


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