Welcome to Canada - Welcome to Cornwall!

Starting over in a new city can be a challenge, especially if you are coming from another country and another culture.

Fortunately, Cornwall is modern city with many amenities, and the people who live here are very welcoming and friendly. We have compiled links to additional information about living and working in Cornwall, along with links to a variety of organizations that can help you.

Getting Settled

General information for new residents can be found in our New Resident Guide, a 70 page document that has a lot of information about getting settled in Cornwall, including finding a place to stay, applying for government documentation (such as a driver's license, health card etc.), finding schools, healthcare professionals, and more. You can request a free copy of the New Resident Guide via our Request Info page.

Getting a Job

As a newcomer, you may find it challenging to get your skills and qualifications recognized in the Canadian labour market. However, there are systems in place to evaluate your foreign credentials.

  • Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) has a Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) program that helps internationally trained workers make a smoother transition into the Canadian workforce.
  • The Ontario Ministry of Education has an online Guide for Foreign-Trained Tradespeople that explains which trades require certification and helps trades people to get recognition of their foreign qualifications and experience.
  • Ontario Immigration has information about recognized trades and regulated professions that may be of help to you when you arrive in Canada.
  • The Ontario Network for International Professionals (ONIP) provides licensing and employment information for internationally trained engineers, accountants, teachers and health care professionals.
  • World Education Services (WES) converts educational credentials from any country in the world into a Canadian equivalent. It describes each certificate, diploma or degree that you have earned as well as their academic equivalency in Canada.
  • Job Zone D'Emploi is a local agency that assists individuals, in English and in French, to find employment in the area. The agency has a number of valuable services, including employment and career counselling, information resources, job opportunities and access to community and outreach services.
  • Employment Opportunities are posted to this website as they become known or available. Check often and bookmark the site!

More Help

TR Leger Immigrant Services is a valuable resource for newcomers, offering a variety of settlement services and advice.

A visit to the resource centre will allow you to:
  • Use the computer/internet/phone/fax
  • Find information on housing, employment, education, health services, transportation, community services, government services, etc.
  • Receive help completing an immigration or citizenship application
  • Speak to one of our qualified Settlement workers about immigration or settlement questions
  • Receive information regarding English as a Second Language and LINC programs

The 5EO Local Immigration Partnership works with immigrants, community agencies and local businesses to promote a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers.

Starting a Business

Many newcomers have the drive and experience to become successful entrepreneurs. If you are interested in starting a small business, you will want to stop by the Cornwall Business Entreprise Centre. The CBEC staff offer free consultations and can assist you through the process of registering your new business.

City Programs and Services

Information on the City of Cornwall and the programs and services it provides to residents can be found on the official City of Cornwall website at