City Building New Road in Cornwall Business Park

By Bob Peters
January 6, 2009

The city is looking at building a new roadway in the east-end business park right next to the planned Shoppers Drug Mart distribution centre.

The proposed north-south roadway would connect SCM Way to Industrial Park Drive, west of Boundary Road. As part of the improvement, a new traffic signal will also be added at the intersection of Boundary Road and SCM Way.

The new artery -- which will run north between Material Resource Recovery (MRR) and Gensteel -- is located on a corridor with an existing watermain, and sanitary sewer would be added as part of the project.

The planned roadway borders on the 65-acre site that is slated to become home to a new distribution centre for Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix stores. Construction of the 500,000 square-foot facility is expected to begin soon, with completion in early 2010.

"We recognize that with Shoppers coming, it's a great opportunity to expand our industrial park roadway network," said city design and records supervisor Stephen Wintle.

The project (including the new traffic signals) carries an estimated price tag of $880,000, and pending approval by city council, the work could begin later this year.

Wintle said an environmental assessment process has been completed for the project, and the next step is to come up with the final design plans.

Mayor Bob Kilger indicated the new roadway could be covered with revenues the city earns on the sale of land for the Shoppers distribution centre.

The city will also benefit from installing the new roadway, Kilger said.

"It allows us to further market additional areas of the business park," he added.

City CAO Paul Fitzpatrick said the land sale for the new distribution centre hasn't closed yet, and specifics of the deal will only be made public after that happens. Fitzpatrick expects the deal to close in the coming weeks, however he stated the project is "definitely a go."


This article was written by Kevin Lajoie and originally appeared in the Standard-Freeholder on January 6, 2009.

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