Is Cornwall Canada's Next Big Distribution Epicenter?

By Bob Peters
November 23, 2011

Is Cornwall Canada's Next Big Distribution Epicenter?

That's the intriguing question that logistics consultant Marc Wulfraat attempts to answer in a 4 page report published on his website.

The article examines the companies that have decided to set up distribution centers in Cornwall and the reasons why MWPVL believe this is happening.  Aside from being geographically well-positioned, Cornwall offers several fundamental advantages which have a strong influence on strategic corporate decision making including:

  1. Relatively inexpensive land cost and on-going taxation rates
  2. An available labor force suited to blue collar shift work
  3. Low penetration of organized labor
  4. A good level of business-friendliness as it pertains to provincial and regional political policies.

"There (are) a number of reasons that companies have moved to Cornwall, Ontario to establish their distribution / production operations," says Mr. Wulfraat in the article.  "Without a doubt, the Cornwall Economic Development group has done a great job promoting Cornwall as a strategic distribution hub."

Cornwall is currently home to a number of logistics-related operations. The largest is the regional distribution centre for Walmart, operated by SCM. The 1.4 million sq.ft. facility is located in the Cornwall Business Park. In 2010, Shoppers Drug Mart established a 600,000 sq.ft. distribution centre and earlier this year, two more distibution centres broke ground: Target (1.3 million sq.ft.) and Boundary Properties (600,000 sq.ft.).

Cornwall is also home to distribution centres for the Benson Organization, Canlyte and American Standard. Several transportation companies have expanded in the area.

The read Mr. Wulfraat's full report, please click on the link below:

About Marc Wulfraat

Marc Wulfraat is President of MWPVL International Inc. ( which is a supply chain and logistics consulting firm headquartered in Montreal.  He can be reached at (514) 489-6874 x 100.

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