Tip Top Taxi Rolls Into Cornwall

By Bob Peters
January 4, 2012

Tip Top TaxiThere's a new taxi company in town! Cornwall's Tip Top Taxi is locally owned, managed and operated, 24/7. Linda MacInnes, Tip Top's manager says that Tip Top has experienced dispatchers and drivers, who want to bring personal, courteous service back to the taxi industry. "We want your business and we know what it takes to make our company the one that everyone will call for all their transportation services," says MacInnes.

"We want to see our regular customers often. We want our customer's to get to know us, to feel comfortable and safe in our cabs. Cornwall taxi passengers are like an extended family to us. We want to be small enough to remain user friendly but large enough to give exceptional service to those who want it."

Tip Top will drive you in town and out of town, to and from Cornwall Island, airports and the U.S.A. We'll take you wherever and whenever you need to go.

"We will gladly help our customers with their parcels, and extend an arm to get them safely to their door in bad weather and good," explains MacInnes.

Something new in Cornwall taxi service: You can request that driver who gives you great service right through the dispatcher when you order your taxi. If that driver is available, he or she will be sent for you.

As well as prompt, courteous, door to door transportation service, Tip Top Taxi also offers delivery service: anything you need, from Neo Citran and chicken soup when you're too sick to go out, to cigarettes, drink mix and a deck of cards, when you're in the middle of that big game. Tip Top will also pick up your restaurant order and deliver it to your door.

Out partying? Tip Top Taxi's "Keys Please" program will insure that you and your car make it home safe and sound.

Need a boost, or locked your keys in the car? They can help, and for a very reasonable fee of $26.95. Gift certificates are an excellent idea for the elderly who need transportation to appointments, for the person on your list who has everything, or for someone who would not otherwise indulge themselves in the convenience.

Tip Top Taxi has parking at Cornwall Square, as well as a direct line at the mall entrance for customer convenience. There is also a direct line at Farmboy. The holiday season start-up has slowed down progress on other direct lines at grocery stores, medical facilities and other mall locations but they will be popping up in the coming weeks.

Linda explained that all Cornwall taxis must comply with the meter pricing regulated by the Cornwall Community Police Services Board so we cannot compete on price. Value to the customer comes from knowing the best routes to destinations and in giving Tip Top customer service first, last and always!

For prompt, friendly, courteous service call Tip Top Taxi at 613 932-27-27. "Our new company has a lot of heart and we are going to go the distance to get and keep your business!"

The above article and photograph were created by Roxanne Delage of the Seaway News. You can read more articles by Roxanne on the Seaway News website:

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