City of Cornwall Awards Largest Tender Ever

By Bob Peters
March 14, 2012

Cornwall Wastewater Treatment PlantGraham Construction and Engineering has been selected to complete a $49-million upgrade to the City of Cornwall’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Cornwall City Council awarded the tender – the largest in the City’s history – during a special meeting on March 14th at City Hall.

The successful bidder is a joint venture comprising the firms of Graham Construction and Engineering LP (by its general partner Graham Construction and Engineering Inc.) and Jardeg Construction Services Ltd. Work will begin this spring and it is expected to take two years to complete.

“The awarding of this tender represents an important milestone in the timeline of this major project,” said Mayor Bob Kilger. “The bids that we received were very competitive, and we thank all of the general contractors who participated in this process.”

The project consists of a number of upgrades to the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pumping Station on Montreal Road. The scope of work is wide-ranging and includes new construction, renovation of existing facilities, earthworks, extensive concrete works, sub-contracting with preselected specialty equipment suppliers, mechanical equipment, electrical modifications and improvements as well as the supply and installation of various instrumentation and control panels.

The major components of the project consist of:

  • general site works;
  • screening and degritting upgrades;
  • chemical system improvements;
  • primary clarifier upgrades;
  • new secondary treatment (Biological Aerated Filter (BAF) technology);
  • new ultraviolet disinfection system;
  • solids train upgrades;
  • existing digester and dewatering facility improvements;
  • new standby power system;
  • automation of entire facility;
  • electrical system upgrades;
  • pumping station upgrades.

“This upgrade to the Wastewater Treatment Plant will use the latest treatment and monitoring technology and is designed to meet stringent environmental requirements,” said Norm Levac, General Manager, Infrastructure & Municipal Works.

The project has a total value of $55.5 million (including taxes), and the City, Provincial Government and Federal Government are each contributing $18.5 million. The City has already set aside nearly $4 million in reserves to assist with its share of the project, and the $18.5 million contribution will be funded through a combination of reserves and long-term borrowing.

The bids for the project came in under budget, and as a result, officials have been able to reintroduce some additional treatment plant components that were previously removed to ensure that the cost remained within budget.

Work on the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade officially got underway in 2010 with the completion of a Class Environmental Assessment and the confirmation of funding from the senior levels of government. The Project Manager, Ontario Clean Water Agency, started work in early 2010 and in September 2010, the contract for the Consulting Engineering Firm was awarded to J.L. Richards and Associates in partnership with Ch2MHill.

The upgrade to the Wastewater Treatment Plant will assist in the efforts to have the St. Lawrence River at Cornwall de-listed as an Area of Concern. In addition to the numerous environmental benefits, the project will also support future growth and infrastructure expansion in the City.

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