Immigration Strategy Struck for Cornwall and Eastern Counties

By Bob Peters
April 20, 2012

 Local Immigration Partnership Council The Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) Council has developed a strategy to encourage and facilitate immigration to Cornwall and the five Eastern Counties. The strategy was launched this morning in at the Family Corner Restaurant in Cornwall and is meant to direct efforts to encourage immigrant settlement, attraction and retention.

Throughout 2011 the Local Immigration Partnership surveyed immigrants, community agencies and lcoal business and political leaders on the subject of immigration. The result of those efforts can be found in a 13 page document available from the Eastern Ontario Training Board, as well as a new web site to be launched in May at

"The ability to attract, integrate and retain new workplace talent is going to be extremely important to the continued economic and social health of this region," said Diane Coombs, one of the primary authors of the report along with Sharon McRae and other Council members who provided input. "The region needs to band together to promote a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers."

The Immigration Strategy has identified four key "Action Areas" which were targeted as a result of the extensive research and open community dialogue undertaken by the Council.

Employment: To better assist immigrants at accessing appropriate employment.

Community Connection, Social Integration: To facilitate successful integration of newcomers for overall social health in the community.

Racism and Discrimination: To promote community education and dialogue to improve acceptance of immigrants.

Newcomer Integration: To ensure newcomers understand Canadian rights/responsibilities and contribute to society.

The Immigration Strategy was developed in partnership with the Eastern Ontario Training Board and the T.R. Leger School, and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

About the 5 Eastern Counties Local Immigration Partnership

The 5 Eastern Counties Local Immigration Partnership is a collaborative community initiative which is designed to strengthen the role of local and regional communities in serving and integrating immigrants. The concept for Local Immigration Partnerships, which are being developed in many communities in Ontario, was developed as a joint initiative of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and was further refined in consultation with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

The purpose is to strengthen the role of local and regional communities in serving and integration of immigrants through a Local Immigration Partnership. The project will provide a collaborative framework for, and facilitate the development and implementation of, sustainable local and regional solutions for successful integration of immigrants to Ontario.

The 5 Eastern Counties Local Immigration Partnership serves the region of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry and the City of Cornwall.

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