Cornwall-Ottawa Commuter Service Improved

By Bob Peters
May 27, 2009

Delaney Bus Lines Ltd. announces that effective June 1, 2009, they will be introducing lower fares and a larger coach on their Cornwall - Ottawa commuter bus service.

"The new coach will offer a much more comfortable ride and will allow us to carry more passengers", said Mike Delaney, owner of Delaney Bus Lines. "The new lower fares will make this economical service even more affordable for people who live in Cornwall and work in Ottawa."

For two years Delaney has been offering a commuter service from Cornwall to downtown Ottawa, with other stops at St. Laurent Shopping Centre and Tunney's Pasture. The Cornwall - Ottawa commuter bus uses the OC-Transpo Transitway to bypass heavy rush-hour traffic, and monthly users can also get a very special rate on the OCTranspo pass, should they need to transfer to other points in Ottawa or Gatineau.

"The Cornwall-Ottawa commuter service is an important transportation link between Cornwall and nearby Ottawa," said Bob Kilger, Mayor of Cornwall. "These positive changes will help Cornwall families and will also help entice Ottawa people who are already considering relocating to more affordable communities."

With the introduction of the larger coach, the price of a monthly pass from Cornwall will drop by 25% to $300. As noted above, the larger bus offers more comfort, with larger seats, and a better ride. As the price of parking in downtown Ottawa is around $200 per month, and with fuel prices hovering over 90cents/litre, the combination of price and features should make the Cornwall - Ottawa commuter bus service very attractive to commuters.

"Our customers can relax during their commute, and bypass the hassle of rush hour traffic," said Mike Delaney. "If enough commuters can be attracted to abandon their cars for the bus, improvements to the environment and highway safety will also result."

The Cornwall - Ottawa commuter bus service is a service that has been profiled on, a Cornwall website aimed at helping new residents and businesses invest in Cornwall.

Delaney Bus Lines has been operating a daily commuter service between Cornwall and Ottawa since May 2007. Given the success of the current service, the company recently applied for a licence from the Ontario Highway Transport Board to allow it to increase the size of the bus from 26-passengers to 56-passengers. The company has received approval for the changes.

Online Survey

The current bus schedule is the one most favoured by recent survey respondents, but Delaney is inviting persons with other work schedules to take the survey on their website. Company officials can then use this feedback to determine what other services the commuting public may be interested in.

Details, such as the Cornwall - Ottawa commuter bus service timetable and route information, are available at

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