Website Launched to Celebrate Culture in Cornwall Area

By Bob Peters
May 25, 2012

SDGCulture.caThe SD&G Community Futures Development Corporation (SDG Futures) has re-launched a website meant to celebrate culture in Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry, as well as Akwesasne.

The new website features a number of tools, including an in-depth Cultural Mapping Database that provides information on area artists, organizations, facilities and cultural events. Users can use a convenient search feature to scroll through the more than 200 listings. More listings are being added as address details are confirmed.

“The launch of the site is very exciting because it will act as a formidable and powerful tool for growing the business of Culture and Arts in the region. The site will also help grow the artistic and cultural identity in the area and give it the attention it deserves,” said Bruce Davis, Cultural Development Coordinator.

The website also contains a blog written by Mr. Davis, in which he covers cultural and artistic happenings as well as various developments related to the Culturescape report, like the Culture and Arts Summit slated for September 2012.

Another important component to the website is SDG HUB which is a job opportunity creation tool and a meeting place that will help connect cultural and artistic people in SD&G, Cornwall and Akwesasne with each other and with the rest of the world.

This website is an important step in the further  development of culture and arts in the region that will possibly begin to pave the way towards the idea of forming a regional Arts Council in SD&G, Cornwall and Akwesasne.

The new website and cultural mapping database was one of the recommendations to come from the Culturescape report, an extensive document that contains a series of recommendations aimed at furthering cultural development in the Cornwall region.

The Plan also recommends the following:

  • Support the development of an independent Regional Arts Council.
  • Develop policies describing the role of local municipalities in cultural development.
  • Develop the cultural tourism sector and support the development of new tourism experiences that showcase and celebrate culture.
  • Develop an arts and culture facility.

For more information, and to access the Cultural Database, please visit:

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