DockDogs Championships Coming to Lift-Off !

By Bob Peters
June 28, 2012

DockDogs at Cornwall Lift-Off 2012CORNWALL, ON – The fastest growing sport on 4 legs will be coming to Cornwall's scenic waterfront during Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off 2012.

DockDogs will be holding its Canadian Regional Championships during Lift-Off with events running over three days (July 13-14-15). The Championships will feature highly trained dogs of all breeds that compete in several disciplines. These events include Big Air, Speed Retrieve, Extreme Vertical, and Iron Dog. All of the dogs and their owners train at sanctioned training facilities, where the emphasis is on the safety of the animals and more importantly, that the animals are having fun!

"The Lift-Off Board has been working hard to improve the festival each year," said Jason Jesmer, Festival Co-Chair.  "DockDogs will bring a whole new element to the festival attendees - and is sure to be a very popular section of the park!"

Admission in free to the event which will take place between the Curling Centre and the Aquatic Centre.

The Canadian Regional Championship event will also feature an event called "Give DockDogs A Try". Each day at 4:00pm DockDogs organizers will open the Dock up for the public to bring a new dog down and let them try out the events. Owners can sign up all day each day at the DockDogs registration tent.

“We look forward to being a part of this festival and showing the festival-goers that not only will there be high flying balloons to watch but the high flying DockDogs”, stated Grant Reeves, CEO for DockDogs Worldwide. “The high flying action of the Regional Championships is sure to bring an added level of excitement and energy for all festival goers to enjoy.”

DockDogs Events

Big Air is a "long jump for dogs". The Dog, which may be placed anywhere on to the 40' dock, runs, & jumps into the water after a throw toy. The distance is judged from the end of the dock to where the tail set of the dog breaks the water's surface.

Extreme Vertical is a "high jump" for dogs. The dog starts off at the 20' mark on the dock & jumps up to a bumper toy extended out 8' from the end of the dock over the water. The starting height for Extreme Vertical is 4'6" and goes up in 2" increments as competition progresses.

Speed Retrieve is a "timed event". At the far end of the pool a bumper toy is suspended 2" above the water with a starting indicator above it. The dog is then placed at the 20' white mark on the dock; when the light turns green the handler releases the dog. The time clock stops ticking when the dog has pulled the toy from the Speed Retrieve bracket.

Iron Dog is similar to a triathlon. Dogs that are registered as an Iron Dog, will have their best score in each of the three disciplines from the event (Big Air, Speed Retrieve, and Extreme Vertical) calculated from the points table. The goal is to achieve the highest points table.

More details on DockDogs can be found at and on Facebook by searching “dockdogs”

About Cornwall Lift-Off

Cornwall Lift-Off was founded in 1994 and has grown considerably since its modest beginnings in 1994. Each year, the festival welcomes approximately 25 hot-air balloon teams, the Homenuik Rides carnival, a spectacular fireworks display, Family Zone, and great local and international musical entertainment. This year's entertainment includes Burton Cummings, Big Wreck, Sloan and Marianas Trench.


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