Elly May Set to Lift-Off Music Career

By Bob Peters
July 6, 2012

Elly MayA Cornwall band is about to reach another milestone in its young career as Elly May is set to open for Marianas Trench at this year's Lift-Off Festival.

"It truly is an honor to be able to open for such a massive Canadian success and play on the Lift-Off stage," says lead singer Matt Levesque. "This is clearly the biggest show we have yet to play, and who knows - maybe some day we will be headlining the festival!"

Elly May began in early 2011 as four young men jammed for the first time. Both Matt and lead guitarst Braunson Lalonde had previously played in a band together and drummer Joel Lefebvre had just left his previous band in hopes of finding a new style. Bassist Tevin Callan had honed his skills to a point where everything was in its right place.

"The band started off with Braunson and myself about a year and a half ago as an idea only," says Matt. "Tevin came shortly after and the addition of Joel really helped finalize everything. Since then we have been working very hard to get where we are now."

The story behind the band's name Elly May centres around an effort to find a name that was both easy to remember and catchy.

"We couldn't agree on a name so we all went our separate ways to try and come up with something clever," recalls Matt. "A friend suggested a girl's name, many bands had done it. While chit chatting, the name Elly came up and May followed later. I called the boys, and they all loved it."

The band's first album is the 5 track EP 'Everywhere I've Been', which was released in December The songs were written as a collective, with each bad member contributing.

The album combines elements of rock and roll along with effects-driven melodies, sprinkled with a touch of pop.

"The only song that was written by Braunson and I alone was 'Places'," says Matt.  "It's the first song we wrote together with the idea of the band in mind, and to this day, it is still one of our favourite songs to jam out."

The album was recorded and mixed by Mike Raymond of Darkside Productions in Ottawa.  The EP is available in hard copy with the band members for now, and also available to download at

The band also has a video for their song "Kings". The video was shot in Cornwall by Shaun Savard of Playmaker Studios.

That band would like to tour and play to new crowds in other cities, however they are still have one more hurdle to overcome.

"Financially speaking a tour right now is not doable because we do not have band transportation yet," says Matt. "However transportation is our #1 priority and as soon as we get a band van, we're gone!"

Until then, you can catch the band Friday July 13th at La Maison in Cornwall and in Lamoureux Park opening for Marianas Trench on Saturday July 14th.

Elly May can be found on Facebook at and you can follow them on Twitter at @ellymaymusic.


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