Local Musicians Excited to Play Big Stage at Lift-Off

By Bob Peters
July 12, 2012

Cornwall bands at Lift-OffIt is the dream of many musicians to play before thousands of sun-drenched fans at an outdoor summer festival. Several local groups will get that very chance on the big stage at Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off and in the process get to meet music industry heavyweights such as the legendary Burton Cummings, Sloan, Big Wreck and Marianas Trench.

Here is a quick line-up of the local acts you can hear at the big stage on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

Playing With Diana (Thursday July 12)

Playing with Diana is young group lead by singer Joel Sauve, born and raised in Cornwall. He is joined by Keif Pun on guitar, Chris Garratt on bass, and Geoff Hughes on drums. The band released their debut CD The Path of Most Resistance, featuring solid originals in a 'pop-grunge' vein - chunky guitars with catchy melodies.

The Shiners (Friday July 13)

The Shiners are touring to support their second CD Not Alone. The roots rockers are lead by the Eric Willison on vocals, Jason Collis on drums and Joel Labrosse on bass, with Greg Brown often helping out on fiddle. The Shiners combine folk, Celtic and alt-country influences into their own style and sound. The band's second CD, Not Alone, has landed them appearances on CTV Morning Live, helping to grow their devoted fan base. In true Shiner's fashion, Not Alone is a thought-provoking, fun and sometimes quirky ride that rocks and reels from the East-Coast to the heart of alt-Country and down through the solid foundation of Canadiana. More info.

"Lift-Off organizers have done a fantastic job in putting together a really professional venue," says Eric Willison. "Lamoureux Park is a great place to see live music - the sound and setting are second to none."

SwitchGear (Friday July 13)

A relatively new band on the Cornwall music scene, SwitchGear boasts a lineup of experienced musicans including Jason Sauve, Jamie Jarvo, David Allen, Kirk Wallace and Scott Reasbeck. The band recently released its debut CD Country in the City, and songwriter Jason Sauve calls their sound "“new Country with an edge”. Look for these lads to turn heads with their tight performances and powerful vocals from Jamie Jarvo.  More info.

“So far the experience has been more than we could have asked for," says Sauve.  “It means so much to us to have the community behind us. We’re having a blast.”

Elly May (Saturday July 14)

Elly May began life as a band in early 2011 and their progress has been impressive following the release of their debut 5 track EP Everywhere I've Been.. The band is comprised of Matt Levesque, guitarist Braunson Lalonde, drummer Joel Lefebvre and bassist Tevin Callan. More info.

"It truly is an honor to be able to open for such a massive Canadian success and play on the Lift-Off stage," says Elly May lead singer Matt Levesque. "This is clearly the biggest show we have yet to play, and who knows - maybe some day we will be headlining the festival!"

Other Acts

Other local acts playing at Lift-Off include Arcane Belief, Tyler Kealey and Candy Provost.

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