CD enables ‘The Power of a Dream' to become reality

By Bob Peters
June 15, 2009

Since the age of five, Cornwall artist and former 1996 Homegrown Café Male Vocal Champion Kevin Rivette has had a life long dream of making a huge impact on the Canadian music scene, and at the same time being able to help out many worthwhile causes.

After listening to a song played at a good friend's funeral, Kevin was inspired to make that personal dream come true. He contacted multi-platinum artist Lionel Richie to acquire the rights to his song "Goodbye" which was later translated to "Adieu"by lyricist Benoit Brisson.

With the help of Dreambuilder Studios in Cornwall, Peter Nichols and Mike Tessier of the French Canadian group "Medius" in the backgroundtracks, and percussionist and producer Roy "Nip" Nichols, "a masterpiece" was created.

The result was the CD "Goodbye/Adieu - Living the Power of a Dream - Vivant La Puissance d'unrêve." Proceeds from its sale will be directed to the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, as well as a special scholarship fund for children of Canadian soldiers lost in Afghanistan - the Royal Canadian Regiment Education Fund for Children of Fallen Soldiers.

"There are a lot of talented musicians and artists that come from this region," says Rivette. Partners showcased on the CD covers offered their expertise and resources free of charge or at a reduced rate, in tribute to their own personal family members and friends who have battled sickness or war.

"This was not the sole vision I had for this project," says Rivette. "I also want to raise community awareness of the need for better screening, therapies and testing here in Cornwall.

"He also uses his project as therapy to grieve and mourn the loss of several people in his life who have touched him musically and personally. "My only wish is to commemorate their legacy, while giving hope through the fundraising efforts that will make a difference today and for several generations to come."

A former cadet and officer with the CLI, he hopes support of his scholarship initiative "will sensitize the provincial and federal governments to the sometimes hidden financial struggles related to the education of children and siblings left behind.

"With partners from the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation,and the Royal Canadian Regiment's Education Fund for Children of Fallen Soldiers, Rivette hopes that this project will take on a life of its own. He is proud to represent his community "and the change of our city's vision, by partnering with to highlight our successes."

The CD is available for $10 plus tax at the Cornwall Community HospitalFoundation at 613-930-4508; through the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation at 613-247-3527 or 613-330-1059, or by e-mailing You can follow the progression of this project as well by logging on to

"I hope that this project will enable people to never give up on their dreams no matter big or small," says Rivette, "but more importantly to never ever give up on yourself!"

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