Councillor Denis Carr Samples Olympic Experience in Coventry

By Kevin Lajoie
July 31, 2012

Denis Carr and Coventry Lord Mayor Tim SawdonCornwall, ON - A Cornwall City Councillor got to experience the Olympic excitement in England first-hand while participating in a recent official visit to the City of Coventry.

Councillor Denis Carr visited Coventry from July 26th to July 30th as part of an official delegation of representatives from Coventry’s twin cities, of which Cornwall is one. The City of Coventry held a series of celebrations and events to coincide with the Olympic Games.

During the trip, Councillor Carr got to network with his peers from Windsor, Ontario, Dresden, Germany, Coventry, Rhode Island, Cork, Ireland and other cities around the world. He also got to spend some time with Coventry Lord Mayor Tim Sawdon.

“We all got a chance to talk about our respective cities,” said Councillor Carr. “It was a great experience to be able to share ideas with other elected officials from cities around the world.”

A big part of the celebrations in Coventry was dedicated to Godiva Awakes, a massive project to bring Coventry’s famous Lady Godiva to life. The community held a large Godiva celebration and a parade featuring a 10-metre tall Godiva figure.

In the lead-up to the event, the City of Coventry had asked its twin cities to donate a piece of fabric art for the project, and Cornwall’s contribution was designed and executed by local artist Esther Bryan, creator of the well-known Quilt of Belonging. Coventry officials are planning to create a permanent exhibit showcasing the contributions from its sister cities.

“They were very impressed with our contribution,” said Councillor Carr.

The trip overseas proved to be familiar stomping grounds for Councillor Carr, who hails from England.

“It was a great honour for me to represent Cornwall on this official visit,” he added.

The City of Coventry covered the accommodation and hospitality costs for the trip.

Cornwall became a twin city with Coventry in 1972.

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