Arts and Culture Summit Set for September 22

By Bob Peters
September 7, 2012

Arts & Culture SummitCornwall, ON –  An upcoming gathering of over 100 arts and culture practitioners is expected to be a giant step forward towards the creation of a permanent Arts Council for Cornwall, SD&G and Akwesasne.

The Arts & Culture Summit will take place at Aultsville Theatre on Saturday September 22nd.

The summit’s main focus will be exploring what is needed to form a regional Arts Council. The day long event will see presentations on best practices from other communities, with an impressive line-up of guest speakers:

  • Clayton Windatt, Executive Director, White Water Gallery &  CoFounder Nipissing Arts Council
  • Carol Feeney, Executive Director Quinte Arts Council
  • Loree Lawrence, Community and Multidisciplinary Arts Officer
  • Karen Ennis, Program Manager/Administrator, Work in Culture
  • Esther Bryan, Artist

"We are going to hear a series of guest speakers talk about how to collaborate together as an arts and culture community as well as what role arts councils play for other communities and how they are funded," says Bruce Davis, Cultural Development Coordinator with the SDG Community Futures Development Corporation, who is organizing the event.

The summit will conclude with an election for this region’s Arts & Culture council. The immediate objectives of the newly formed board will be to develop a financially sustainable business model, establish governance protocols and bylaws.

”We need to start seeing arts and culture as serious economic drivers in this community but to do that we need to be able to provide the arts and culture sector with the tools needed to expand and grow as businesses as well as assist in coordinating cultural efforts. This arts& culture Council will be able to provide those tools.” says Mr. Davis.

The establishment of an Arts Council was one of the key recommendations of Culturescape, an extensive document that contains a series of recommendations aimed at furthering cultural development in the Cornwall region. The plan was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Creative Community Prosperity Fund), the City of Cornwall, the S D & G Community Futures Development Corporation and the Eastern Ontario Training Board.

"The inaugural year for the Arts & Culture Council will be one of self discovery and self identity," says Mr. Davis. "The focus and point of this interim board is to work with me on forming partnerships, strategy and direction. Part of this research will be to examine who and what skills are needed to sit on the full term board and what is required to bond relationships needed to create a long lasting viable council."

Mr. Davis has posted more information on the Summit on the website, including the Terms of Engagement that explains the process for voting and nominating members for the arts council.

People can register for the 2012 Arts & Culture Summit on Facebook or by contacting Mr. Davis at the SDG CFDC at 613-932-4333 ext 24.

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