Gymnastics Club Leaps Into New Digs

By Tony Muma
August 16, 2012

Cornwall Gymnastics ClubMembers of the Cornwall Gymnastics Club are already flipping out over the club’s new facility, according to spokesperson Tammy McAllister.

The club moved to its new 9,000-sq.-ft. digs at 6316 Boundary Rd. – the former TST Liquidation building – from its former 5,000-sq.-ft. location at 113 Amelia St.

“We moved in on Aug. 1 and we’ve gotten a lot of work done already,” McAllister explained as she moved between crash mats and climbing apparatuses.

“We’ve increased our class sizes as a result. We’ve also got new equipment for every age-group we have here.”

One of the new attractions is an inflatable tumbler, McAllister said, which didn’t really come cheap.
“The inflatables cost us $6,000 alone,” she explained.

“We’re spending even more money on putting up walls but it’s worth it.”

McAllister said the Cornwall Gymnastics Club is non-profit with all collected funds going back in to the club itself.

“Everything here is volunteer and the children are supposed to benefit,” she added.
“The only ones who get paid are the coaches.”

McAllister said the club is hoping for big things out of its bigger facility.

“We’re hoping we can have full gymnastics meets here with other gymnasts from all over Ontario,” she added.

“This facility is big enough. During a weekend, you can get anywhere from 200 to 400 families who come and stay the weekend. That’s a big deal.”

With more size and time to play with, McAllister said the club has added a total of 10-15 more classes for kids.

“We have programs for one to three year olds, six to eight and nine and up,” she added.

“We’re also doing a new class focusing strictly on tumbling. Our hours have changed – we now have classes for all ages seven days a week.”

McAllister said the club is hoping the added space and classes translate into increased enrollment and the timing couldn’t be better with the 2012 Olympics set to wrap-up.

“We’re seeing more kids and there’s lots of interest because it’s so fun for them,” she said, alluding to the increased exposure for gymnastics as a result of the recent Olympics.

In a recent gymnastics meet in Oshawa, local gymnasts from the Cornwall Gymnastics Club even got to meet gymnastics Olympian Victoria Moors.

“She was doing the music and some of the kids got her autograph before she left for London,” McAllister said.

“They’re having an open house when she comes back and we’re thinking of going down to see her.”

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