Turbo Crank Winning Fans Amongst Indoor Cyclists

By Bob Peters
September 4, 2012

Joe McNamara - Turbo CrankCornwall, ON - With one of the hottest, sunniest summers on record, 2012 saw a record number of cyclists take to the scenic Waterfront Trail that winds along the St. Lawrence River in Cornwall.

That’s good news for Joe McNamara, a member of the Cornwall Multisport Club and the inventor of Turbo Crank, a software-based workout for cyclists and triathletes that is designed to help you get the most out of your bike and stationary trainer. It simplifies indoor cycling by illustrating the workout, step by step.

“This has been great summer for cycling, and more and more people are looking to improve their stamina and performance by training year-round,” says Mr. McNamara. “The challenge is to make indoor workouts as fun and interesting as outdoor rides.”

An avid cyclist himself, Mr. McNamara began using an indoor cycling trainer during the offseason in the late '80s. He would write down a workout on paper and try to follow it, with poor results. He started taking part in organized workouts offered in town but found dragging his bike back and forth a headache during the snowy winter months.

Mr. McNamara’s solution was to design a variable, challenging workout plan that he could follow on his computer – one that would also allow him to watch a video or listen to a custom playlist of his favourite music. Fortunately, he had the computer skills that allowed him to develop his own software program to meet his vision. He sought out other cyclists, including Dutch elite cyclist Tom Gakes, and asked them what they were looking for from a workout program.

He took those ideas and over a couple of years refined his program until he was ready to launch it as Turbo Crank. It has proven to be a success with cyclists and triathaletes around the world.

“The reaction has been excellent,” says Mr. McNamara. “Riding an indoor trainer can be boring. Having a structure to your workout really helps the time pass and helps you to reach your fitness goals that much quicker.”

Turbo Crank comes ready to go with a 7-week indoor cycling program, with 3 workouts per week. Based upon the reaction from cyclists, Turbo Crank is the right product at the right price.

“This a great work out that not only keeps me in shape during the winter, but also helps me improve my technique and performance,” says Gary Jans, a fellow member of the Cornwall Multisport Club. “Both my wife and I have enjoyed using Turbo Crank.”

The difference between Turbo Crank and other indoor cycling workout aids is that Turbo Crank shows the participant the gear to be using, the revolutions per min (RPM) and effort along with a detailed explanation of the interval. Other workout videos only show one or two elements. The program is available for immediate download for PC/Mac on

This will be the third full year that Turbo Crank has been available and sales continue to increase. Both men and women seem to like the product equally, although Mr. McNamara acknowledges that most cyclists buying it are likely in the northern hemisphere where you cannot ride outdoors during the colder months.

“The triathlon community has been very receptive to the product and I have been able to spread the word via online message forums,” says Mr. McNamara. “I offer established bloggers an opportunity to review the software in exchange for a free version for themselves and a free version to give away to one of their readers.”

At only $20 dollars, Turbo Crank offers great value for the dollar.  Mr. McNamara has already released a new version and is continually working on improvements.

“I am currently working on simplifying the interface while keeping all of the elements that are there now,” says Mr. NcNamara. “I am also working on a version for Android and iOS tablets. It helps that I continue to get input from other cyclists and triathletes.”

You can download Turbo Crank at

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