Cornwall Entrepreneur Creates New Social Media App

By Kevin Lajoie
September 20, 2012

Ryan Brink - CrewcamCornwall, Ontario - Ryan Brink is looking to change the way people connect with their family, friends and co-workers, one video at a time.

The Cornwall-area native has joined forces with a few friends to launch Crewcam, a new app that allows users to share personal videos among a select group of people.

Unlike other video sharing apps, Crewcam lets users share videos with personalized groups of people, or “crews” –  family, a group of friends, co-workers, the hockey team, and so on.

“The idea is that people would be more willing to share more videos if they knew it was going to specific people,” said Mr. Brink. “That’s kind of how it all came together.”

The free app has been available through the Apple and Store for a few weeks now, and it’s already garnering plenty of positive reviews from iPhone and iPad users.

Mr. Brink, who is currently pursuing a degree in information technology at Carleton University, founded Crewcam with a few friends, and it didn’t take long for them to transform the idea into a reality. Mr. Brink and his pals were working for a high-tech firm in Kanata earlier this year when they presented a demo of the app to the company’s board of directors. The project took a big step forward when a group of angel investors decided to chip in to help cover the start-up costs.

So what’s the next step for Mr. Brink and the Crewcam team?

The ultimate dream is that Crewcam becomes the next big social media platform, with millions of users around the world. On a smaller scale, Crewcam could be targeted at users who would rely on the app for specific purposes. For example, a teacher could use Crewcam to communicate directly with his students about assignments outside of the classroom.

Whatever the end result is, Mr. Brink and his “crew” have certainly come up with a unique way for people to keep in touch.

“The goal is to make it an application that people use every day,” he added.

You can learn more about Crewcam on its website.

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