Local Trucking Firms Establish Rolling Billboards for Cornwall

By Bob Peters
September 20, 2012

Choose Cornwall Truck Decals - Yves Poirier, MinimaxCornwall, Ontario - Cornwall’s rise in prominence as a hub of logistics activity has had a positive impact on local trucking companies, and now some of those companies are giving back by helping to promote the City.

Transports will soon be sporting a prominent decal that portrays the logo of the City’s economic development website, Over 400 of the decals have been distributed already, and more are on order. The decals will be displayed on the rear doors of the transport trailers, readily visible to motorists travelling behind the trucks.

“It makes sense to promote the City with the companies that are in part responsible for our recent growth,” said Bob Peters, Senior Development Officer. “Local transports are on the road every hour of the day and night, and in the process are seen by hundreds of thousands of people.”

Companies participating in the program include Minimax Transportation, Seaway Express, International Truckload Services (ITS), Tallman Truck Centre, Villeneuve Tank & Freight and Benson Group. All told, these companies have well over 500 trucks on the road in any given week, travelling throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

“It is fantastic to see so many of our corporate citizens step up to help promote the City,” said Mayor Bob Kilger.

“The decals are attractive and deliver a message of the entire community working together towards a common goal,” says Yves Poirier, President of Minimax Express Transportation.  “I am looking forward to hearing the reaction from those working in and around our Toronto terminal.”

The Cornwall Business Park is home to several trucking companies as well as distribution centres for some of Canada’s top companies, including the Benson Group.

“Our trucks are on the road constantly delivering auto parts from our distribution centre to the 140+ Benson locations throughout the province,” said David Murphy, Benson Group Marketing and Promotions.  “We are proud to call Cornwall home and happy to participate in this initiative.”

Promoting Cornwall via the use of moving vehicles is nothing new for Cornwall’s Seaway Express. Several years ago the transportation company unveiled a 53’ trailer with ChooseCornwall graphics, and for the past two years it has run a pilot program with trailer decals on most of its fleet.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback from the program, which drives people to visit,” said Melanie Gauthier-Hamel of Seaway Express. “That website carries a lot of  good information, including business news and employment opportunities – so it is a win-win partnership for both local companies and the community.”

Additional companies are expected to join the team in this unique marketing initiative.

About Cornwall and the Supply Chain Sector

Cornwall is home to regional distribution centres for some of Canada’s most respected retailers. SCM operates a 1.4 million sq.ft. distribution centre for Walmart Canada, and Shoppers Drug Mart has recently opened a state-of-the-art distribution centre beside it in the Cornwall Business Park. The Benson Group maintains its headquarters and national distribution centre in Cornwall.  Target is currently putting the finishing touches on a new 1.3 million sq.ft. distribution centre that is expected to be operational in early 2013.  These distribution centres and others, along with companies in related industries such as trucking, warehousing and transportation, employ over 2000 people in Cornwall.

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