Cornwall Gains Capacity in Fibre Optic Network

By Kevin Lajoie
September 25, 2012

Eastern Ontario Regional Network - EORNCornwall, Ontario - Companies looking to connect to Canada’s information superhighway will now benefit from an expanded and faster “on-ramp” in Cornwall, following a significant investment by the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN).

A new 10 Gigabyte (GB) Point of Presence (otherwise known as a PoP) has been installed in Cornwall by EORN. This investment increases by tenfold the capacity in Cornwall, improving network availability for consumers and businesses. In addition, approximately 60 kilometres of core fibre has been placed through the Cornwall and SDG area, making available last mile fibre builds and reducing costs and cycle time for customers looking for fibre based services.

“This investment is timely as new businesses establish in the Cornwall Business Park, and existing organizations expand their use of the internet and data communications,” said Bob Peters, Senior Development Officer. “More capacity in Cornwall facilitates advanced applications such as distance education and telecommuting.”

On Monday night, Cornwall City Council voted to contribute $258,580 to the EORN project. Cornwall's contribution will be part of the United Counties of S. D. & G.'s commitment of $1,088,365 towards the $170 million project that seeks to provide broadband internet access to communities in Eastern Ontario. It is a project that is being spearheaded by the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus (EOWC).

Demand for bandwidth is increasing steadily as Cornwall companies and organizations are relying more and more on data communications. Many companies have more than one service provider, have service requirements far in excess of normal residential service and multiple redundancy is important in the case of disruption.

Data communications capacity has become a critical site selection factor for businesses, and is equally important as other services such as hydro and water, the availability of land, and the availability of a workforce.  Organizations with multiple locations often require fibre connectivity between locations for virtual private networks. Most recently, SunGard established a workforce continuity services centre at Cornwall’s NAV CENTRE facility in part due to available fibre connectivity.

The same holds true for residential use: internet traffic is growing significantly, driven primarily by video, mobile and other media applications. People looking for a new place to live are increasingly making decisions with connectivity in mind. It is essential to those who telecommute, such as people who may work from home in Cornwall for an Ottawa or Montreal employer. High speed connectivity is essential for professionals such as doctors, engineers and architects, and the emerging new standard is fibre to the home/office.

“One of the advantages of this investment is that companies can now access fibre connectivity for lower costs, or at least get more capacity for the same cost,” said Mr. Peters. “We are also encouraged that the EORN investment will pave the way for future improvements to local residential internet services.”

About the Eastern Ontario Regional Network

EORN has been developed to provide higher speeds and bandwidth to at least 95 per cent of homes and businesses in Eastern Ontario. The network is being built with the support of federal, provincial, municipal, and private sector partners. The EORN project comprises of a 5,500-km network of new and existing fibre optic cable, with 160 new access points for Internet Service Providers.

You can find more information on the EORN website.


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