Pommier Jewellers Creates a New Cornwall Landmark

By Bob Peters and Kevin Lajoie
October 10, 2012

Pommier Jewellers - Cornwall OntarioCornwall Ontario - One of Downtown Cornwall’s most iconic street corners has a fresh new look, thanks to the Pommier Family.

The southeast corner of Pitt and Second Streets now features a beautifully-landscaped courtyard dominated by a giant ornate clock – which in just a few short days has already become a landmark.  The stone courtyard features planters and sitting areas. It will be used as a parking area for Pommier Jewellers customers during the day, and it will serve as a location for special events on evenings and weekends.

“It’s our donation to the community,” said Andre Pommier of Pommier Jewellers, the owner of the site. “We wanted to create something special that could be enjoyed by everybody.”

Mr. Pommier wanted his redevelopment project to reflect the historic nature of the street corner, which has long been a meeting spot for residents for over 200 years.

One of the earliest uses of the corner was a burial site for St. John’s Presbyterian Church in the early 1800s. The burial site was relocated and the corner was eventually part of the Rossmore Hotel – a popular destination for residents and visitors alike. Over the years, the corner would be home to a bank, a grocery store, a pharmacy, Dover’s Mens Wear and a number of different restaurants including the infamous Colossus Restaurant. The building that housed these various businesses was destroyed in a fire in 2010.

“Pitt and Second is an historic intersection right in the heart of our City, and it remains so today,” said Mr. Pommier. “Given the importance of the intersection, I wanted to create a functional and attractive space that would complement the Downtown.”

The feature of the courtyard that is generating the most buzz is the beautiful new clock, which stands 15 feet tall, chimes on the hour and is also capable of playing music.

The clock was manufactured by the Verdin Company, which has been making clocks to enrich communities for over 170 years. Verdin's unparalleled craftsmanship is displayed in more than 50,000 installations worldwide, including the Smithsonian Institute, Walt Disney World, the University of Notre Dame, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the World Peace Bell, and the Mayo Clinic.

Mr. Pommier said it will likely be used to play Christmas carols during the holiday season.

Mr. Pommier believes the space could become a great venue for various weekend and night-time events, such as festivals, outdoor movie showings and live demonstrations and performances.

“We hope it helps to make the Downtown even more vibrant,” he added.

The work represents a $300,000 investment on the part of Mr. Pommier’s business, and he isn’t finished yet. Plans are also in the works to upgrade the interior of Pommier Jewellers and expand onto the building’s second floor. Design work was completed by Bob Pregent and is being carried out by Ray-Jans Construction, Cornwall Interlocking Brick, CMG Innovation, Cornwall Gravel, Marc Allaire Electric, RayJans Windows and Doors, Cornwall Lighting and Electrical Centre, Digirolamo Drywall and Sign-It Signs.

“I truly believe in supporting local business and in turn we have had great support from the community and from the City of Cornwall,” said Andre Pommier. “The quality of Cornwall craftsmanship is superb.”

Pommier Jewellers is a 5th generation locally owned and operated jewellery store that currently employs 12 people. You can check out the new developments at Pommier Jewellers at 6 Second Street East or online at

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