Cornwall is One of the Most Bilingual Communities in Canada

By Bob Peters
October 24, 2012

Cornwall Ontario - Statistics Canada has released a new table of information from the 2011 Census, and once again it shows that Cornwall offers one of the most bilingual workforces in Canada when it comes to knowledge of English and French.

According to the 2011 Census, 43% of Cornwallites have knowledge of both English and French.  In comparison, only 17% of Canadians can claim the same, and only 11% of Ontario residents have knowledge of both Official Languages.

In Eastern Ontario, Cornwall ranks higher than the Nation’s Capital.  37% of Ottawans have knowledge of English and French.

“Being able to converse in both English and French is a marketable skill that is in demand by many employers,” said Mayor Bob Kilger.  “This feature of our workforce is a competitive asset that makes Cornwall a good place to do business.”

The 2011 Census also shows that the linguistic skills of Cornwall residents extend beyond English and French. European languages such as Italian, Spanish and Greek are spoken in Cornwall homes, as are South Asian languages such as Tamil, Urdu, Punjabi and Arabic.

The 2011 Census Data is being released by Statistics Canada as it becomes available. In February of this year, Statistics Canada released preliminary Census data that showed Cornwall’s population grew by approximately 1% from 2006 to 2011. The population of Cornwall is estimated at 46,340 with 111,164 in the immediate area of Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry.

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