Cornwall Community Hospital Welcomes 6000LB MRI Magnet

By Bob Peters
October 29, 2012

Cornwall Ontario - MRI Magnet arrives at Hospital Cornwall Ontario - Dozens of Cornwall residents joined hospital staff and the media today for the arrival for the arrival of the MRI magnet at Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH), McConnell site. The 6,000 lb piece of equipment was transferred by crane through the roof of the new MRI suite.

This MRI technology is used to diagnose and treat neurological disease, cancers, strokes and orthopedic conditions. Once operational, the MRI scanner will operate eight hours per day, five days per week with the capacity to perform over 3,000 diagnostic tests annually. This number is consistent with the number of patients who are currently referred to healthcare facilities outside of the Cornwall region.

“This new equipment will complement our new Diagnostic Centre of Excellence,” says Jeanette Despatie, Chief Executive Officer of CCH. “It will mean faster diagnosis of several ailments. Faster diagnosis means faster treatment which will improve patients’ experience. It will also enhance our ability to attract the best medical talent to our region.”

The MRI is being supplied by GE Healthcare. Built on a fully redesigned MR platform, the Optima MR450w offers a range of advanced new functionality, making it a workhorse system for practices of all sizes and specialties. Its 1.5T field strength is the industry’s best-known and most-used.

Cornwall Community Hospital’s capacity to offer MRI scans will allow referrals from doctors throughout the region, from North and South Glengarry to North and South Dundas, including North and South Stormont, Awkesasne and Cornwall.

“The arrival of the MRI scanner is truly a reason to celebrate.” says Cornwall Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director, Connie Vardy. “For the citizens in our region the days of travelling to Ottawa or Kingston for an MRI will soon be a thing of the past.”

Thanks to donors to the Foundation’s $3.5 Million To Your Health! Campaign, the Foundation has received gifts and pledges totaling $2.5 million so far. The Foundation is hoping to raise the last $1 million dollars by Christmas.

“Together, as in the past,” adds Ms. Vardy, “I know we can count on our communities to help us meet this financial commitment. Because this is the hospital the community built.”

About MRI Technology

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to visualize internal structures of the body in detail.

An MRI scanner is a device in which the patient lies within a large, powerful magnet where the magnetic field is used to construct an image of the scanned area of the body. MRI provides good contrast between the different soft tissues of the body, which makes it especially useful in imaging the brain, muscles, the heart, and cancers compared with other medical imaging techniques such as computed tomography (CT) or X-rays. Unlike CT scans or traditional X-rays, MRI does not use ionizing radiation.

About the Cornwall Community Hospital Redevelopment

The $120 million redevelopment of the Cornwall Community Hospital will include an expansion of 95,000 square feet of new space and 78,000 square feet of renovation. The expansion will house 5 new state of the art operating rooms, and new emergency and diagnostic imaging departments. The new construction will allow for amalgamation of all services to the McConnell site. More information can be found at

Photo by Sara Murphy

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