Roxanne Delage Releases Debut Solo CD

By Bob Peters
November 19, 2012

Roxanne DelageCornwall Ontario - Roxanne Delage is a multi-talented woman. She is well known to residents throughout the Cornwall area as a photographer and journalist with the Seaway News. What some of her readers may not know is that she is also a talented musician. That may soon change however with the release of her debut solo CD The Way I Am.

The CD features 10 lively songs – all written by Roxanne. She says she has dabbled in songwriting over the years, but this is her first serious collection. The music is contemporary folk, with eclectic elements of blues, country and jazz creating a fusion of sound that could easily have been on FM radio in the 70’s.

The songs touch on a number of issues around love and betrayal written by a person who has experienced a lot but has not lost her romantic idealism. This includes the title track The Way I Am, which includes the lyrics:

I love you and I hate you
Cannot live without you
Baby please don’t make me
Maybe it’s just me, I’m crazy
But you love me just the way I am

The disc kicks it up a notch with the toe-tapping Lyin’, Cheatin’, Hurtin’ Schemin’ Games in which Roxanne shows off her cleverness with the pen: 

Life without you darling is misery, much like having you around

Roxanne says the inspiration for the songs came from a number of sources.

“Some songs come from out of nowhere, and appear to write themselves, some are inspired by a photograph, and two were inspired by poems written for me.” she says. “I’m happy with them all or they wouldn’t be on the CD, but my favourite one to play and sing is Gypsy Melody, based on a poem my mother wrote for me when I left home as a teen.”

Music was a big part of Roxanne’s life as she was growing up. Her mother was a singer and Roxanne received her first guitar when she was 16. She has been fronting cover bands of different genres for twenty years.

She often performs as a duo with good friend Rod Robillard, and for this CD she tapped into local musicians that have long supported her on stage and in the studio. The musicans featured on The Way I Am include Rod Robillard (producer, lead guitar), Maryelle Seale (session bass),  Bobby Tessier (concert bass), Greg Deruchie (guitar), Jim Sharp (drums/percussion) and Marc Carrière (flute, percussion).

Roxanne takes a very organic approach to writing her songs, allowing the music to lead the way.

“Most songs start with a chord progression, and a melody, then lyrics,” she says. “Sometimes, it’s melody and lyrics at the same time. But it’s different every time.”

The album is out just in time for the holidays, and is sure to appear in many Christmas stockings. The CD is available from Roxanne directly at 613-361-7097 or via

Roxanne will be officially launching The Way I Am with a concert on Saturday, November 24, at the St. Lawrence Visitor Centre, at 7:30 pm. Admission is $15 per person, which includes the concert and a copy of the CD. The show will feature Roxanne and her five-piece band.

Roxanne and her duo partner Rod will be touring the area all winter in support of the CD.

“We’ll see how far it takes us,” says Roxanne. “I have had a tremendous amount of support and encouragement throughout the community. The greatest compliment I get is when I hear someone singing one of my songs”

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