Gordon Jewellers Serving a Loyal Clientele for 7 Decades

By Vince Pilon
December 12, 2012

Stuart Gordon - Gordon Jewellers - Cornwall OntarioCornwall Ontario - Stuart Gordon was fresh out of high school when he started working for his father's refrigeration business. After receiving his first paycheque, he decided he wanted to buy a wristwatch. Upon his mother's recommendation, he visited Cornwall's Fraser Jewellers, a downtown fixture founded in the 1940's by Emmitt Fraser.

Stuart made such a good impression on then-owner Jack McGaughey that, five days later, he hired Stuart as a trainee repairman.

Five years later, in 1982, Stuart bought what is now called Gordon Jewellers.

“It's a full-service jewellery store,” says the soft-spoken, sharply-dressed Stuart Gordon.

The store carries “only the finer qualities of merchandise” which include diamond engagement rings, stone rings, earrings, chains, watches, giftware and various other jewellery items.

“We do all the repairs here. I do them myself, and have been doing so for thirty plus years.”

Gordon says he's been in the business for so long that he's witnessed style trends from the '70s become popular again with younger customers.

A particularly popular product line this fall has been the icy-cool Bering wristwatch. “It's a Danish watch, very nice styles” says Gordon. Inspired from a parachutist's view of arctic snow plains, the ultra-thin, minimalistic watches boast fair prices, serious durability and timeless looks.

Diamond engagement rings are also a constant top seller.

“I've sold engagement rings to people who sent their children [here], and now the grandchildren are showing up. That's kind of nice,” says Gordon. “We have a very loyal clientele...I have customers that have been shopping here from the time of the original owner.”

Gordon does very little traditional advertising.

“Word of mouth is the best kind of advertising,” he says. “We're extremely honest, our prices are extremely fair, and that carries through. In this business, if you can't be trusted,it gets out.”

A solid reputation, Gordon says, is an important asset in a smaller-sized city like Cornwall. A tight-knit community, however, is something he enjoys, especially in Cornwall's downtown.

“It's nice, it's family oriented and the business owners know each other,” he says. “I'm happy here, yeah.”

Gordon Jewellers is located at 13 Second Street West in Downtown Cornwall. Stuart Gordon and his staff can be reached at (613) 932-8714. The store is open Monday to Friday, from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and Saturdays from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

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