Cornwall Hospital Foundation Campaign Reaches Goal

By Bob Peters
February 1, 2013

Cornwall Hospital Foundation Campaign Reaches GoalCornwall Ontario – After 10 months of dedicated efforts by more than 20 volunteers and hundreds of donors and supporters, the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation has met its goal of raising $3.5 million for much needed hospital equipment. The success of the To Your Health! Campaign has facilitated the purchase of a MRI scanner and digital urology table for Cornwall Community Hospital.

As of today, $3,524,000 has been raised!

“This week is a proud moment for our donors and everyone involved in the campaign," says Roy Perkins, Co-Chair of the Campaign. "I never doubted that we’d reach our $3.5 million objective and we couldn’t have done it without the commitment of a lot of people. We thank all the volunteers and the donors who stepped up to the plate and generously supported this campaign. It’s amazing what people can do when they band together.”

“We did it," continues Angela Bellefeuille, Co-Chair of the Campaign. "This was my first involvement in a fundraising campaign of this magnitude. It was interesting to see how approaching an individual, a group or a business could snowball into donations coming from several unexpected directions. I wish to thank all of our supporters for this exciting learning experience.”

Jim Brownell, the Honourary Chair of the To Your Health! Campaign, knew that the communities would rise to the occasion.

“It was clear to me and to everyone I spoke with that the MRI and the digital urology table were needed in our region. Because this equipment will benefit so many people in Cornwall, S.D. & G. and Akwesasne, boundaries and borders didn’t matter for donors and volunteers. The entire region came together for this one cause and made it happen.”

“Although the To Your Health! Campaign was known as a flash campaign, it was the culmination of a project that was two years in the making," adds Allan Wilson, Chair of the Foundation Board. "I am very proud to lead such a team of courageous Board members who took a leap of faith and launched this $3.5 million fundraiser. I am also very grateful for the community-minded individuals from all over the region who came together, formed a Campaign Cabinet and took on this challenge. On behalf of Cornwall Hospital Foundation’s Board, I thank you.”

“Although we have officially reached our Campaign goal, the community is inspired and is still asking how they can help," says Connie Vardy, Executive Director of the Foundation. "We are happy and grateful to continue to accept donations. Gifts designated to the To Your Health! Campaign in excess of the goal will be directed towards replacing the Hospital’s aging fleet of ultrasound machines.”

“The new West wing of Cornwall Community Hospital is almost complete and is the new home of the MRI and digital urology table," states Hospital CEO Jeanette Despatie. Thank you, from the Hospital staff and physicians for these gifts.”

“Very soon, patients will no longer need to travel to Ottawa or Kingston for MRI tests," concludes Roy Perkins. "This fact alone makes everyone’s efforts worthwhile.”

About the Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation

The Foundation's mission is to raise funds for the Cornwall Community Hospital’s programs, medical equipment, expansion and renovation with the objective of supporting enhanced quality health care in our greater community. The Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization that works diligently to earn outstanding levels of support from donors, volunteers and the greater community.

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